What Is Esports? All The Basic Things For The Beginners

What Is The Sanction Form In CSGO?

Have you ever wondered what is esports? If you have never learned about video games, this concept will probably be very strange to you. But you won’t believe that this market is so huge and has grown globally. With millions of fans and billions of dollars to contend with in the competitive video game arena, … Read more

The List Of CS GO Tournaments: The Coolest Competitions All The World

list of cs go tournaments

The eSports market is huge and continues to grow to millions of people every year. However, there are not many outstanding games like CS: GO. There are many tournaments for this game going on around the world and millions of cash are being exchanged. Every month, a big CS: GO tournament takes place somewhere. Therefore, … Read more

Top 10 Coolest League of Legends Victorious Skins

league of legends victorious skins

The ranking bonus offered to players who reach Gold or higher before the season ends is the winning skin. They give you bragging rights, are full of features and give you the impression that the arduous trip is worth it. But which victory is really the “champion”? Let’s investigate! Based on the character models, animations, … Read more

All Updates CS GO Tournament Schedule In 2022

CS GO Tournament Schedule

For over 10 years, CSGO has dominated the e-sports scene. It’s a massive show with millions of spectators and some of the most expensive tournaments in the industry. It is a popular game and definitely the most loved e-sports competition in the world. CSGO’s influence is unstoppable; it dominates streaming services and attracts millions of … Read more