Top 10 Coolest League of Legends Victorious Skins

The ranking bonus offered to players who reach Gold or higher before the season ends is the winning skin.

They give you bragging rights, are full of features and give you the impression that the arduous trip is worth it.

But which victory is really the “champion”?

Let’s investigate!

Based on the character models, animations, sound effects, and splash art of each skin, we’ve ranked the top 10 best league of legends victorious skins in this article.

Top 10 Coolest League of Legends Victorious Skins

1. Victorious Lucian

Victorious Lucian

  • Released: November 11th, 2020
  • Price: Ranked Reward

Every league of legends victorious skins must aspire to be as epic, creative, and inspiring as Victorious Lucian.

It has the ideal amount of badass, and Lucian looks great with the futuristic warrior atmosphere.

Every animation is precise, smooth, and has an ideal feel.

Every time you sprint, you even get some ferocious wings, and the ultimate is more eye-catching than Lux’s ultimate.

And to get over it?

Extremely sharp sound effects are used.

In my opinion, the only skin in the series that really encourages you to rank up is the Victorious Lucian. Hence it is the highest-ranked league of legends victorious skin.

2. Victorious Graves

Victorious Graves

  • Released: November 8th, 2017
  • Price: Ranked Reward

Players who achieved Gold or more during the 2017 season will receive Victory Graves. Bilgewater’s most sought-after criminal flaunts his years of adept hunting by donning the most expensive jewelry available.

3. Victorious Morgana

Victorious Morgana

  • Released: November 11th, 2014
  • Price: Ranked Reward

Victorious Morgana has withstood the test of time despite being just over 7 years old. It is still one of the top league of legends victorious skins. The colors of the suit work together very well, and the overall look is absolutely stunning.

The design is also packed with attractive elements that give it a regal, “winning” look.

But the animation is where the skin really stands out from the competition.

They feel pretty strong and shiny and dazzling.

Morgana was even transformed into a god at the end of time (pale, fallen angel day).

4. Victorious Maokai

Victorious Maokai

  • Released: November 8th, 2016
  • Price: Ranked Reward

It’s great to see a more serious design change as Maokai has a variety of derpy skins, such as Goalkeeper, Meowkai, and Astronaut,…

Seemingly lavish like a tree, Maokai Victorious is extremely chic, wearing a royal blue robe, golden gloves, and a spectacular hat.

The saplings have undergone a classy makeover, and the animations have become sharp and polished.

While the last one is a bit impressive, the recall more than makes up for this.

5. Victorious Orianna

Victorious Orianna

  • Released: November 21st, 2018
  • Price: Ranked Reward

Players who achieved Gold or higher in Ranked for Season 8 received the Orianna Victory reward from Riot Games. Her physique has been upgraded with experimental hextech and rehabilitated by the finest craftsmen in Piltover.

6. Victorious Blitzcrank

Victorious Blitzcrank

  • Released: November 16th, 2021
  • Price: Ranked Reward

Without a doubt, the most special skin in the collection of league of legends victorious skins is Victorious Blitzcrank.

He is actually changed to the “Iron Giant”, albeit a slightly smaller one.

The character model is beautifully rendered, and it enhances the air of sophistication and elegance of Blitzcrank.

The animations are also breathtakingly beautiful, with some dazzling sparks powering the hook.

Overall though, I don’t think this skin deserves a better rating than this.


Thematically, it completely departs from Victorious.

7. Victorious Elise

Victorious Elise

  • Released: December 20th, 2013
  • Price: Ranked Reward

Victorious Elise wears silver armor with gold trim around the hem, similar to Jarvan Victorious. The blue crystal she wears on her head and the new beads related to her ability are the only things that set it apart from the other league of legends victorious skins.

She now has a new animation to recall in both her forms thanks to the skin.

Victorious Elise will never be accessible again unless you play League of Legends in 2013 and make it to the Gold League in its third season.

Although she has a variety of skins that you can use, you shouldn’t feel terrible about this.

8. Victorious Sivir

Victorious Sivir

  • Released: November 12th, 2015
  • Price: Ranked Reward

Victorious Silver, of Season 5, underwent a complete redesign when it was published in 2015. The warrior received new armor, retrofitted with a golden boomerang and gold trim around the edges. . The Victorious Sivir outfit is pretty popular, and for good reason — it looks great.

You won’t be able to get the Sivir Victorious Skin unless you’re playing League of Legends in 2015 or trying to advance to Gold League at the end of season 5.

If you can’t get the Sivir Victorious skin, don’t worry; Sivir has a variety of additional league of legends victorious skins that you can choose from.

9. Victorious Jarvan IV

Victorious Jarvan IV

  • Released: September 14th, 2011
  • Price: Ranked Reward

The most popular league of legends victorious skins is Victorious Jarvan IV. It doesn’t seem particularly appealing to us, but given that this is a start, it makes sense. Finally, Riot has also produced other skins with improved aesthetics.

The Jarvan IV Victory skin has champions wearing silver armor with gold elements, similar to the original default skin.

The Victorian Jarvan VI costume is still top-rated despite the fact that it doesn’t look as good as it was published so long ago.

10. Victorious Aatrox

Victorious Aatrox

  • Released: November 21st, 2019
  • Price: Ranked Reward

The Victorious Aatrox has a shiny, sleek, futuristic look and an abundance of special features are all present, but the overall look is disjointed.

In fact, it gives Aatrox a Galio-like appearance.

Hey, one positive for all of you is Galio, but what about the rest of you?

It’s disappointing.

However, I cannot rate the final skin.

The animation department is where the skin really shines; Your W is pure eye candy and the ultimate makes you feel like a battle-tested angel sent to exact justice.


As an LoL player knowing the top league of legends victorious skins will be your goal to win matches. Above is a list of the 10 best leagues of legends victorious skins. What kind of skin have you been interested in? Leave a comment to share with us.

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