The Best Guides: How To 1V1 In CSGO Without Bots In Different Sittuations

How To 1V1 In CSGO Without Bots

Before a recent upgrade raised their targets and increased their threat level, CSGO bots were less of a challenge. This means that if you are new to the game in any way, you may find that you are constantly being picked up by bots, ruining the experience. In this article, we will show you how … Read more

The List Of CS GO Tournaments: The Coolest Competitions All The World

list of cs go tournaments

The eSports market is huge and continues to grow to millions of people every year. However, there are not many outstanding games like CS: GO. There are many tournaments for this game going on around the world and millions of cash are being exchanged. Every month, a big CS: GO tournament takes place somewhere. Therefore, … Read more

CS GO 2023 Tournaments: The Great Arena All The Time

cs go 2023 tournaments

The CS GO 2023 tournaments schedule has been released. We will announce the specifics of events and tournament details in Asia Pacific and South America later this year. Several key match dates for Europe and North America have been revealed. The ESL Pro Tour, which connects all ESL tournaments, is one of the largest CS … Read more

The Good Laptop For CS GO With Top 5 Best Models

good laptop for cs go

When playing Counter-Strike Global Offensive on a laptop, it can be frustrating to be killed by someone new just because your computer’s performance is low. Some issues of low battery speed and overheating can be difficult to solve. Your computer’s performance can be directly affected by an old CPU, low RAM, weak GPU and even … Read more

Most Expensive CS GO Skin Recently – Top 13 Coolest Items

Most Expensive CS GO Skin Recently

In addition to being a legendary first-person shooter, CS: GO is also known for its massive interface and in-game item marketplaces. Players can display a wide selection of customizations in the server, ranging from weapons and knives to character cosmetics, badges, containers, and stickers. New players may find it difficult to understand what makes skin … Read more

Global CS GO System Requirements Gamer Should Know

Global CS GO System Requirements

With Counter-Strike: Global Offensive first coming out in 2012, there’s a good chance your PC can run it quite successfully. If not, you must first identify the components you have. Check out our simple step-by-step guide right here if you need assistance. Compare your specs with the minimum and recommended CS GO System Requirements we … Read more