Instructions how to play Pubg on mobile with perfect steps

How to play Pubg on mobile when PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds , the game that has become the symbol of the current survival game series, has been released by Tencent with PUBG Mobile version, currently the two most popular mobile platforms on mobile are Android and iOS.

If you are curious to see what PUBG Mobile is different from the PC version, then try to take a look at the article below that has summarized some information on how to play Pubg on mobile and reviewed it for you.

Instructions how to play Pubg on mobile

Log into the game and the items in the Game Menu

First, download PUBG Mobile that matches the platform on your mobile device and log in, you can log in with Facebook , and Guest is a guest account, if you choose this login mode, all items Equipment received when exiting will be lost.

PUBG Mobile has an advantage over some other survival games that you don’t have to buy items to change the character’s face, you can choose some faces for free according to skin colors, ethnicities, and hair and hair styles. .

You can choose a female character to change the atmosphere, then press Enter nickname to name the character.

After naming the character, click Done to complete.

Log in and you will be able to choose the appropriate graphics level for your device.

PUBG Mobile will let gamers receive attendance gifts by day, each day of attendance, the gifts will be increased in value according to the number of attendance days.

Then there is the Main Menu , in this menu you can choose the server location you want to play, including servers in North America, Europe and Asia . With three familiar modes: Solo, Duo (team of 2 people), Squad (team of 4 people) . Now let’s go to the menu in the upper right corner.

The first is the ranking of PUBG Mobile, you can see the rank of each character by each game mode, and by each server. In the right column you will see the rank according to the sum of all stats, kill stats (Kill) and survival stats (Survival) and season stats.

kill stats

1. In-game purchases and options

The inventory is your inventory, and also the store, you can see your clothing, hats and shoes skins in this first menu.

This umbrella skin shop does not have many umbrella models for gamers to choose from.

Umbrella skin shop

Supplies are secret chest purchases, you can buy chests at a certain price and open them to get items.

The Mail section will have messages from the system, or from friends sent to you.

In the Settings section you will see options for the reticle, the position of the fire button on the screen, the blood loss reminder…

Graphics is the item to adjust the graphics level.


This setting allows you to control how you move and use the fire button and move your gaze.

Vehicle is the same item as Controls above.


Senvisity is an item that adjusts the movement speed of the character, according to each category such as Reddot, Holographic, Scope x2, x4, x8…

The Pick Up menu will let you automatically pick up items when you get close.

Finally, Audio and Language, audio is to edit the sound level of each type of sound in the game, and the language of PUBG Mobile is only English and Chinese.

This item is your character’s stats, the number of rounds participated and the number of kills.

PUBG iOS 19.5 e1674537807709

2. Missions and events in the game

Next are the two Tasks and Events items. In this there will be tasks that you have to perform daily, you must complete them to get points and exchange items.

Daily mission is your daily mission, every time you complete the mission you will receive a score, accumulate enough points to open a chest to receive items.

Missions and events in the game

The Event in the game will also have the same requirements as the daily mission, except that the event will have a deadline, and the Daily Mission will not. See requirements for Pubg Mobile on PC.

You can find your friends in the InviteFriends section , who are online and offline will be displayed here.

You can see your rank in this icon on the main screen.

PUBG iOS 26 e1674538007765

The rank on the modes will be shown to you later, along with the rewards if you set the rank.

The chat box below will show you the information of your friends or the system.

In addition, you can report any character you suspect to be cheating when playing the game with cheats or hacking tools.

PUBG iOS 29 e1674538125847

Well, that’s enough outside, now let’s go into how to play Pubg on mobile and see what PUBG Mobile really is different from PUBG PC.

Join the game

Choose any mode to join the game, you will be transferred to the island like other survival games.

After the timeout expires, you and your team and other players board the plane, heading to the main map Erangel.

Instructions how to play Pubg on mobile

After entering the area you will choose the area to parachute down, you can open the large map with the small map in the upper right corner.

PUBG iOS 31.5 e1674538271741

Jump down to a certain height you will see the parachute release icon.

PUBG iOS 33 e1674538332953

If you play as a team, you should choose a place to parachute down with your teammates.

Trying to collect as many items as possible, this game only allows users to use two weapons Pubg Mobile, not three weapons like PUBG PC seniors.

And the familiar circle will appear soon after, accompanied by a bombing area on the map.

You can also use FPS (first-person) mode. Click on the crosshair icon on the right edge of the screen to switch this mode.

PUBG iOS 37 e1674538418385

You can rearrange your backpack using the backpack icon in the lower left corner. Although it’s a bit cramped when PUBG Mobile has to cram all kinds of information as you can see above, from equipment, buttons, healing items, changing positions, and even a list of the player’s health bar.

But this interface does not make the gamer’s experience bad at all because the most important controls are within reach of the gamers’ fingers.

One advice for you is if you are not a professional FPS or TPS player, then choose Shotguns , they will quickly finish off opponents with only 2 or 3 shots if at a distance of 3 to 4 meters, and will be unlucky. Good luck to any Rifle and SMG enemies that encounter you.

When you kill the enemy you will see a box, go there and click on the box icon that appears.

Then collect the enemy’s items that are dropped later.

PUBG iOS 40 e1674538504495

You can run continuously by clicking on the run icon next to the mini map, above this icon you will also see icons used to edit options in the game.

At this point you will need a car to move faster, you can also let your teammates sit on the car and support you to destroy the surrounding enemies.

Then move with the keys in the direction as shown on the screen, in the lower right corner you will see the Change Seat icon to change seats, in the lower left corner is the durability bar and fuel level.

When there is a supply box, do not ignore it, they will emit a red smoke as a signal. You can go nearby and collect items.

If you are unlucky, you will have the opportunity to see your kill count, and also some other stats such as money, experience points and your rank in the game.

If you play as a team you will see your team’s achievements, you will see the number of kills, damage done to the enemy, the amount of health used…

PUBG iOS 45 e1674538616293

Click on the Poster and you will receive a photo of PUBG Mobile as a gift, you can save this photo or share it via social networks to your friends.

And finally, your Level will be increased at the end of the game.


Above is the instructions how to play Pubg on mobile. If you have controlled Rules Of Survival or previous PUBG-based games, you will not find it too difficult to get used to PUBG Mobile with buttons to move, change perspective, aim, jump or sit and other actions…

If you want to discover more about PUBG Mobile, download PUBG Mobile on the operating system suitable for your device and participate in the exciting battle for survival.

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