What is The Best Weapon in Pubg Mobile? Our Top 10 Recommendations

There are many weapons in PUBG, but not all of them are made equal. What is the best weapon in Pubg mobile in the following that are right here to help you win.

Games with a battle royale mode are definitely thrilling, and PUBG has dominated the market for them. It was among the first to arrive, and ever since, it has consistently been a household name. It was among the first to set up shop and has since maintained its status as a well-known brand. You start out on the map unprotected, and you’ll need to hunt around for the tools to make your enemies think twice before attacking you.

You should always try to get the greatest equipment, regardless of the map you end yourself landing on. However, what is the best weapon in Pubg mobile? Let’s explore with Yeuesports.

What is The Best Weapon in Pubg Mobile?

1. M16A4


This pistol was the workhorse of prior PUBG seasons, and it still performs admirably. Long-time followers will recall all the occasions this weapon helped them escape a difficult circumstance.

It may not be as spectacular as some of the other assault rifles, but you know precisely what you’re going to get out of the M16A4. Although it fires 5.56 bullets, the single fire and burst modes of this rifle are both highly accurate and have minimal recoil. Both adding a nice scope and turning this into a sort of pseudo-DMR and adding an extended magazine and turning it into an assault rifle are viable choices.

2. Panzerfaust


There is nothing more satisfying than approaching an adversary and launching a Panzerfaust rocket at them. This launcher from World War II has a strong punch. It does occupy a primary weapon slot, however it is regrettably only a one-shot weapon.

But most are easily dispatched using the shock-and-awe strategy of opening a combat with a Panzerfaust hit and then immediately following it with a burst from your other primary.

3. AWM

What is The Best Weapon in Pubg Mobile? AWM

Almost all PUBG players have currently been mercilessly one-shotted by an AWM.

The AWM, sometimes known as the “elephant gun” of PUBG, easily destroys most armor and helmets. Any of these that do land will damage you, if not instantly kill you, so you simply have to pray that whoever has one of these in your match is a lousy shot. These are still only used as care package weapons for a purpose, no doubt about it. But this gun is one to grab once you’ve mastered firefights in PUBG.

4. Beryl M762

Beryl M762

The Beryl is a superior assault rifle that stands out from the crowd. This weapon distinguishes out despite having a vast list of rivals in the assault rifle category. The Beryl strikes a good balance in all areas, and its ability to perform a variety of tasks makes it a fantastic rifle to own.

It is simple to aim at while utilizing single fire, and it deals enough damage and fires at a fast enough pace to be an effective option up close. It may be tailored to perform whatever you want it to do by adding accessories that you can find on the map.

5. Kar98


The Kar98 is almost as well-known a weapon in PUBG as the pan, and there’s a good reason for it.

Even though it is a little dated, the bolt-action Kar98 might be useful in early games because armor and helmets are frequently of low quality or nonexistent. The Kar98 should be used when more shots are not required. A superb weapon that, in the later stages of the game, when used in competent hands, can make long-range confrontations a breeze.

6. Molotov


The Molotov Cocktail may appear to be a simple weapon, but when used properly, it may injure your adversaries a great deal. Area denial is a bonus feature of this throwable.

When you and your team want to bottleneck opponents and set up a kill zone where you know they will rush you from rather than passing through the wall of fire that is now in front of them, this can be employed to great effect.

7. Frag Grenade

Frag Grenade

It’s a good idea to have grenades on hand since they can come as an unpleasant surprise when you believe you’re well behind cover. An enemy’s health and armor can be reduced by a well-placed grenade, if not completely eliminated. Make sure you understand how they respond when thrown because they have some solid physics.

When used properly, grenades are a terrific method to start or, more importantly, conclude a gunfight. It’s amazing to witness an enemy soar through the air as a result of a well-placed grenade.

8. P18C


Most folks don’t focus on handguns right away after descending onto the map. Pistols are often utilized as a last choice in between reloads and typically fall short in terms of damage and rate of fire.

That is contradicted by the P18C. It is a fully automatic handgun with a respectable amount of recoil, so be on the lookout for it. It can be transformed into a true submachine gun by adding a sight, an extended magazine, and even a laser. It is therefore a fantastic option if you have two main weapons that may prefer single fire or perhaps just have a slow rate of fire.

9. M249


For some, selecting shots carefully is a good approach, but for everyone else, there are weapons like the M249 available.

The light machine gun that was previously only available in care packages is now spawning normally on several of the more recent maps. This rifle is ideal if you want to hurl hatred at the next person who comes around the corner in search of your loot. Starting with a 75-round magazine is more than enough, and it does hit very hard for an automatic weapon. The capacity is increased to a sizable 150 rounds by extended mag bumps.

10. Mini 14

Mini 14

The Mini 14 should not be undervalued despite frequently being disregarded in favor of some of the more potent long-range weaponry. Given that there is almost any recoil, it is a weapon that anyone can use.

The Mini 14 can be a solid mid-range weapon when paired with a respectable sight to help you maintain some distance from your opponents, especially given how ubiquitous this rifle is when you first drop.

The final thought- What is the best weapon in Pubg mobile?

What is the best weapon in Pubg mobile? The ideal weapon frequently depends on your playing style. Obviously, shotguns will be best suited for your style of play if it is more direct. The AWM is thought to be the most effective and potent weapon in the game, though! You can read how to play Pubg on PC for free.

This sniper weapon, as already explained, kills any foe with a single shot. Additionally, it has the broadest range of movement in the entire game, allowing you to engage in battle from a strategic vantage point across a huge portion of the map. But you’ll have to raid an air package to obtain the AWM, so you’ll probably have to shoot your way through to grab it.

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