Ranking Top 10 Best CSGO Team In The World In 2022

This year, we will experience a full competitive season that takes place mainly in a LAN environment. We could now see teams playing on a level playing field in 2021, after a lull in overall talent and skill in CSGO eSports. The all-time best CSGO team in the world is currently trying to assert itself in front of tens of thousands of screaming audiences, making the scene a lot more competitive.

Despite what we just said about the fact that no one side is completely dominant on the board, it is safe to say that the top three teams on the list below are the “most dominant” teams overall.

The list of 10 best CSGO teams in the world includes both seasoned players and rising superstars. In a few weeks, one of the lower-ranked teams on this list may have overtaken the team at the top of the table. The world is a diverse and dynamic place.

Top 10 Best CSGO Team In The World In 2022



Heroic is having a great end to the season and has been promoted from 2nd to 2nd.

Throughout 2020 and 2021, Heroic has seen a “massive rise,” rapidly gaining a reputation as one of the top CSGO teams in the industry. Heroic had a successful year in 2021, winning important prizes at some of the major CSGO competitions around. Heroic won ESL Pro League Season XII earlier that year, and they continue to rank high in multiple S and A leagues.

Heroic’s success has been credited by many CSGO fans to several team members. For instance, Casper ‘CadiaN’ Mller, the captain of the Hero Squad and the inspiration in the game. Many believe that with CadiaN’s leadership, Heroic has another successful year in 2022.

The team started the season poorly, being eliminated early at IEM Cologne and ESL Pro League S16. However, at the end of the year, this best CSGO team in the world placed second in Rio and won the BLAST Fall Finals, setting up an intriguing battle for the top seed with NAVI in the World Finals. gender.



In March 2022, Virus. pro changed its name to Outsiders due to political concerns. Despite being one of the oldest CSGO teams in the industry, this redesign didn’t have much of an impact on the team’s success. Virus.pro, now known as The Outsider, is the mainstay of CSGO e-sports.

In terms of overall rankings for Outsiders in 2022, there has been a small drop. Due to the generally unfavorable regulations and environment for e-sports companies in Russia, the team was forced to compete in several Challenge and middleweight events.

This best CSGO team in the world’s recent performance at IEM Rio has a lot to do with them coming in at number four in our rankings. We couldn’t place the team any higher in the rankings than where they are now because they couldn’t make it to the majority of ESL and BLAST events and missed out.



In 2022, Team Liquid reset the rankings. Stewie2K and Grim, who were benched, left for EG and Complexity, respectively, while FalleN formed its own super team in Brazil. By June, Shox and adreN also left. Instead, YEKINDAR, pashaBiceps, and nitr0 had to work with the old Liquid core to restore them to their former grandeur.

This best CSGO team in the world gradually moved up the ranks throughout the year, eventually winning the US Rio RMR and finishing second in the 16th season of the ESL Pro League. This, coupled with finishing in the top three in the Fall Teams, was enough to secure them a place at the World Finals at the end of the year and a chance to improve their rankings.



FaZe Clan started ’22 in dominating form, easily outmaneuvering opponents and winning many important matches. After a string of victories, legendary player Karrigan replaced Olofmeister and added his in-game leadership skills to an already powerful FaZe Clan team. One of the top CSGO players on the market right now, ropz, joined FaZe Clan earlier in the year to strengthen their team.

FaZe Clan has rapidly risen to the top of both HLTV and ESL world rankings since its launch in 2022. First, this best CSGO team in the world won the IEM Katowice competition by defeating G2 in the final 3–0, giving them a $400,000 prize pool. Just a few weeks later, FaZe Clan won the first prize of $190,000 in ESL Pro League Season XV. The team finished first to third in BLAST Premier Spring Groups in early February.

FaZE was ranked first all year thanks to wins in Antwerp and Cologne, but that was before ESL Pro League S16 and IEM Rio arrived. After two early eliminations, they fell out of favor and dropped all the way down to 4th place before recently climbing one place after winning the BLAST Fall Finals.

The best CSGO team in the world that wins the BLAST World Finals between NaVi, Heroic and FaZe at the end of the season will be the top team in 2023.



Although Vitality is a relatively new player in the CSGO scene, it is definitely the best CSGO team in the world. Team Vitality has a roster that includes some of the best CSGO players in the industry, including apEX, ZywOo, and dupreeh. With a few exceptions over the past year or two, Team Vitality has struggled to win many important victories, but this is not due to a lack of effort. Vitality won the IEM XVI Winter event in late 2021, beating NiP and taking home the $100k prize pool.

Except for a tight third-place finish in BLAST Premier: Worlds, things have calmed down a bit since then for Team Vitality. The only major achievement of this best CSGO team in the world this year is finishing second at the BLAST Spring Finals and winning at ESL Pro League Season 16. The diversity of winners events in the ’22 season and the collective firepower of the players pushed Vitality to 5th place in our rankings.



In 2021, Na’Vi went through, winning the PGL Stockholm Major and ESL Pro League XIV as Oleksandr “S1mple” Kostyliev won his first Major. Soon after, they won both the BLAST Fall Finals and the BLAST World Finals. They had a big win at BLAST Spring and finished second at IEM Katowice to start the ’22.

However, external factors this season have put NAVI’s squad and players in a difficult position. Due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, some players were forced to play in a state of inactivity, which adversely affected their mental health and ability to train. Due to the allegations regarding his ex-wife and his behavior during the disagreement, Kirill “Boombl4” Mikhaylov was forced to leave the team and leave the team. Viktor “sdy” Orudzhev, who took on the role on loan from MAD Lions, was his replacement.

Na’Vi’s current roster features some incredible players in terms of individual talent. Although this best CSGO team in the world do not have many victories this season, they are still considered the number 1 seed in every major tournament. They are fifth in Antwerp, fifth in Rio, third in Katowice and second in Cologne.



All the teams, including MOUZ, Astralis, OG, Complexity, ENCE and even Fnatic, have had rather dismal seasons, barely qualifying for the knockout stages in some cases.

Our pick for the most progressive team of the season goes to MOUZ. In addition to re-establishing Liquid’s rankings, MOUZ also started the season at the bottom of the table and steadily rose up the rankings. MOUZ won’t be seen much until the end of the year, but given the extent of their growth this year, 2023 could be the year they dive deeper into the top ten CSGO teams.



After a hiatus of about a year, Cloud9 returned to CSGO eSports in April 2022. The entire Gambit team, which had been playing extremely well in the months prior to the purchase, was acquired by Cloud9 in just one year. slip fall.

As one of the most trusted teams in CSGO at the moment, Gambit has boasted a number of important wins in recent years. Gambit topped our ranking of the greatest CSGO teams for late 2021, and although this best CSGO team in the world has dropped a few places since, it’s not due to a lack of effort.

Gambit had some impressive finishes at some of the top CSGO tournaments before the end of 2021, demonstrating the team’s tenacity, focus and above all talent. For example, this best CSGO team in the world almost lost to a dominant Natus Vincere team in the PGL Major Stockholm tournament. However, just a few weeks before that defeat, Gambit defeated Na’Vi at the BLAST Premier Spring Finals, winning a massive $225k prize pool. Going into 2022, Gambit showed off exceptional talent at Funspark Ulti 2021, an A-class competition, beating Entropiq in a championship match for a $150,000 prize pool.



FURIA is a relatively new CSGO eSports team, much like Team Vitality, but it has had an illustrious, if somewhat brief, career in the field. The best Brazilian CSGO team right now, FURIA has spent the last 5 years fighting against teams from Europe and North America. Despite the fact that they usually don’t take home important prizes at events, they are a strong team that can easily compete with the strongest CSGO teams in team fights.

FURIA has also yet to win an important, decisive match, while still succeeding in several smaller tournaments. This best CSGO team in the world has repeatedly shown its ability to win matches against teams like Cloud 9 and FaZe Clan. In fact, 2022 is the best year for FURIA, especially in the second half of the year. IEM Rio conquered the crowd with a top 4 result at home, beating Natus Vincere in the process. Sadly, they won’t be attending the BLAST Worlds, but we could see them in Katowice in early 2023.



When it comes to CSGO eSports, G2 is already well known. G2 has grown into one of the top CSGO teams to watch and bet on in recent years. Although G2 had a challenging 2021 that resulted in multiple results in second place, there is still hope that the team will surpass those expectations in 2022.

The PGL Major Stockholm, IEM Cologne, BLAST Premier: Spring Showdown, and IEM Katowice in February 2022 are all events that G2 narrowly won last year. G2 only fell to top CSGO teams like FaZe Clan and Na’Vi, which is a sad list. Even so, G2 still deserves praise for amassing some incredible prize money over the past year while failing to come out on top in any tournaments.

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