How To Buy Skins In Valorant: The Most Useful Instruction

Everyone uses the same weapon in Valorant, but that doesn’t mean every weapon has to look the same. Because you will often be staring at your weapon, it can also be attractive to the viewer.

Fortunately, the geniuses at Riot have the right answers for players who need to perform at their best while taking down their opponents. Skins are decorative accessories that can change the weapon’s appearance as well as animations and sound effects.

How to buy skins in valorant? Keep reading to see where these unique occurrences are and whether you’ll have to play or pay to unlock customizations.

How To Buy Skins In Valorant

How To Buy Skins In Valorant

Unlike other popular multiplayer shooters, Valorant doesn’t have a special skin to change and customize an Agent’s appearance, at least for now. What they offer is a bunch of skins that can change and improve the way the guns in the game appear and feel.

While they don’t always improve your performance, you can win a game just by looking attractive, don’t you think?

How to buy skins in valorant? There are several ways to get unlocked skins:

Real-World Money Spent

This may be the simplest way to get your hands on that weapon skin you desire but don’t have the time to unlock. The in-game premium money known as Valorant Points, or VP, is used to acquire Agents, skins, and other items from the in-game store.

Here is an illustration of how to convert actual money to VP on the North American server:

  • $4.99 – 475 VP total, no bonus VP.
  • $9.99 – 950 VP, 50 bonus VP, and a total of 1000 VP
  • $19.99 – 1900 VP, 150 bonus VP, for a total of 2050 VP.
  • $34.99 – 3650 VP total (3325 VP + 325 bonus VP).
  • $49.99 – 4750 VP, 600 bonus VP, 5350 total
  • $99.99 – 9500 VP + 1500 VP bonus = 11000 VP overall

The Valorant Store Featured Collections are intended as a point of comparison 7,100 or so VP. Individual weapon skins are a tad less pricey
They normally vary between 1,775 VP to 4,350 VP per, with melee weapon skins on the higher end of the price scale.

Before you start searching for weapon skins, you should remember that highlighted bundles change every couple of weeks and individual skin offerings change every 24 hours, so what you see now may not be what you see tomorrow.

Full Agent Agreements

In this step on how to buy skins in valorant, making individual Agent contracts is certainly something you already do if your goal is to unlock as many Agents as you can. Completing these contracts does more than unlock Agents, though. Getting to Tier 10 in Chapter 2 can also give you a modest collection of agent-specific weapon skins, and best of all, they’re free!

The problem that many players run into is the seemingly overwhelming XP necessary to level to Tier 10. You will need 625,000 XP to acquire these skins if you are only counting Tier Six onward. Another issue is that, unlike Chapter 1, you cannot purchase your way out of it.

These free skin tweaks, meanwhile, might just be worthwhile if you’re prepared to put in the work.

Battle Pass Tiers To Completion

As always, Valorant includes a free track and a paid premium track for all their Battle Passes. Working your way through the Battle Pass Tiers will still let you win skins if you’re a little tight on cash, but if you want the entire range of rewards, you might have to break out the wallet. Access to the entire cycle of awards is available for about $10 or 1,000 VP with Battle Pass Premium.

How To Buy Skins In Valorant

How To Buy Skins In Valorant

One of the main ways that players get weapon skins is via purchasing skins. If you’re prepared to buy, consider the actions listed below:

  • Start the game.
  • Activate the Store tab.
  • View the most recent selections.
  • Click on the skin you want to purchase.
  • To finish your transaction, adhere to the instructions.

Typically, the store features one particular collection in addition to a variety of individual skins. The four distinct weapon skins are also rotated in the store stock every 24 hours. If you don’t find the skin you’re looking for, please check again in a few days as these skins are chosen at random. What they’ll offer next is always a surprise.

How To Buy Skins In Valorant But It Isn’t In Store

How To Buy Skins In Valorant But It Isn't In Store

Weapon skins collections are only available in stores for a certain period of time, after which they are lost forever. Well, mostly speaking.

However, you can find individual weapon skins from the same collection available without bundle pricing, according to Riot’s developers, who said they don’t have any plans to do so. Bring back previous packs as the featured collection in the store. You never really know when the specific weapon skin you’re looking for will appear in the store because individual weapon skins are randomly chosen, that’s the point.

You may not be able to find skins that have been given as rewards for previous Battle Passes. You won’t be able to find the original collection outside of the change inventory in the Valorant store, but Riot may release a new version of the beloved skins collection in the future, just like they did with the Valorant store. Prism Collection.

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