The Fantastic LOL Vanye Builds Season 10

In League of Legends season 10, Vayne was one of the top-sized bot laners. She was weak, but once she was gone, she couldn’t stop. After purchasing Blade of the Ruined King, you should have little difficulty killing tanks and carrying characters alike.

However, as with other League of Legends champions, certain things will work better in certain situations. But no matter how the match goes, there are a few things you should have on Vayne. You will get the most out of your champion experience with these essential LOL Vanye builds.

The Coolest LOL Vanye Builds

LOL Vanye Builds



By hitting the attack button, you can land a good trade early on and fire three shots in the mid to late game. With a simple auto, Q, and auto combo, the keystone is quickly activated, guaranteeing a significant amount of damage without any problems.

  • Win: You can do those montages with Triumph. When taken down, it gives you some more gold while also restoring some of your health.
  • Legend: Alacrity is a fairly simple LOL Vanye builds rune that will increase your attack speed, which is an important stat for Vayne. However, feel free to choose Legend: Bloodline if you know that you will have to face a lot of bulky champions to improve your lifestyle.
  • Cuts: This rune makes it even simpler for you to cross the powerful front line. This item can be used relatively often with anti-tank champions since you won’t be crafting any healing items. However, if the enemy side has no anti-tank champions, feel free to choose Coup de Grace to deal more damage to those weak enemies.


  • NIMBU Scenarios: Once everyone understood how useful the bonus movement speed was, especially in the laning phase, this rune instantly broke. This rune ensures that you get a small ghost effect when you cast any summoning spell, from being rarely picked to being picked up by the majority of champions in the game. It blends in perfectly with Vayne’s playstyle, emphasizing fast movement and fast movement to avoid team fights.
  • Storm development: Gathering Storm is one of those LOL Vanye builds of simple scale runes that will increase your damage output as the game progresses.
  • Bonus: Increases attack speed by 10%, +9% adaptive damage, +6% armor

Starting LOL Vanye Builds

Infinity blade

For Vayne, having some early life steal and attack damage is essential. You get 80 extra health from Doran’s Blade, giving you a slightly stronger start. If you have a problem soon and need power immediately, you can purchase this item over and over again.

Health Remedies

You will take damage from enemy champions while farming. Heal potion prolongs your time before returning to base and heals 150 health over 15 seconds

Core LOL Vanye Builds

LOL Vanye Builds

The Ruined King’s Blade

If you want to destroy enemy tanks, you must have Blade of the Ruined King. This is one of the ideal LOL Vanye builds for Vayne as it works well with her W and ensures that you’ll deal a lot of damage on hit no matter how much AD you have.

It should be prioritized in the majority of your games as it is Vayne’s main source of income. There are also uncommon exceptions, such as getting a Wit’s End in the face of strong magic damage priority preparations. Otherwise, your first item should be Blade of the Ruined King.

Rageblade of Guinsoo

One of the most frequently broken LOL Vanye builds in the game for champions with hit mechanics is Guinsoo. Vayne has real damage built into her W, and Guinsoo allows her to use it more often, easily destroying tanks in seconds. While this item’s base state appears to be absent, Guinsoo’s Rage effect, which increases attack speed, and the on-hit repeat effect makes up for it.

Greaves of a Berserker

For Vayne, Berserker’s are essential boots that can be obtained as a first item before anything else. It boosts your movement speed so you can move faster during laning and act nimble in teamfights like a ninja.

Late-LOL Vanye Builds

LOL Vanye Builds

Dance of life

Death’s Dance, one of the best LOL Vanye ADC builds in the game, gives you offensive attributes like attack damage and cooldown reduction along with defensive qualities like armor and magic resistance. However, all ADC players love it for another reason: its passive ability to reduce incoming damage and convert it to a damage-over-time effect.

All ADCs are resistant to lifesteal from items, which makes the damage over time effect easily negated if you hit an enemy champion or minion.

Phantom Dance

For Vayne, the Phantom Dancer was the ideal item. It gives you movement speed, attack speed, critical chance, shield, and a great passive that boosts your movement speed when auto-attacking. This item keeps you super smooth and gives you a safety net in case you mess up the expansion shield effect.

Guardian Angel

You get armor, attack damage and the ability to save yourself in team fights when using Guardian Angel, which is one of the great LOL Vanye builds. You can beat the teams using all their tools and skills against you before losing by using second life. Using this item will negate all of their efforts by resurrecting you and making you ready to fight.

You’ll become a serious menace when used in conjunction with other defensive alternatives.

Blood Thirsty

This is one of the ideal LOL Vanye builds for you if you want to become stronger and have more life steal and attack damage. One of the best ADC items in the game, Bloodthirster gives you a powerful shield for immediate use.

If you need a shield to fend off assassination attempts from your opponents, getting this third item is a wise choice. You can use it as your first item in rare situations if you’re going up against an entire squad of assassins to make sure you don’t die every time one of them spots you, but you will not deal as much damage as desired with Blade of the Ruined King.

Mercury’s Footsteps

If you’re up against an AP bot laner or champions with a lot of crowd control, this is one of those LOL Vanye builds that kickstarts. You gain some stamina from this item and the crowd control time to arrive is also shortened.

Because Vayne doesn’t work as a tank and magic resistance is useless if you don’t deal any damage, don’t rush to build early. After you have purchased Blade of the Ruined King, feel free to purchase it.

Ninja Tabi

This item can make a big difference in the first place if the enemy auto-attacks are oriented and there are multiple tank champions across the map. Through the passive, it reduces damage from auto attacks while at the same time granting you more armor. Overall, it’s a great anti-AD item that greatly increases your effective health.

Wit’s End

One of the LOL Vanye builds to increase attack speed, magic resistance, and movement speed if the opposing team has multiple magic damage champions. The fake lifesteal effect is also great, ensuring that you will heal a lot in teamfights.

You can get it as the first item instead of Blade of the Ruined King in some configurations where enemies don’t have tanks and only focus on ability power.

Fast Fire Cannon

Combine a great offensive item with Phantom Dancer. You’ll have the critical chance needed when using these two together to make sure you can hit three enemies. You’ll be getting a little into teamfights, so activating the enhanced range effect is also very simple.

Don’t buy it if you don’t already have the other cores, as the effect won’t help much if you don’t have enough attack damage to make a difference.

Quicksilver Sash

Quicksilver sash is one of the essential LOL Vanye builds for crowd management. Even if the enemy doesn’t deal much magic damage, getting this item for Cleansing is still well worth it. Having more attack damage, more kills, or a higher critical chance won’t matter if you die if Cleanse can sometimes mean the difference between life and death.

Therefore, do not hesitate to invest in this item if you are facing champions like Leona, Nautilus, Ashe or Malzahar who specialize in locking you.

Randuin’s Omen

If you want a boost, Randuin is one of the useful LOL Vanye builds. It gives you life, armor, and debuffs that slow down enemy attacks and slow AoE making it easier for you to kite. This item is ideal for you if you’re a primary target against AD champions and require a little extra survivability and kills.

While it doesn’t give you any attack stats, owning it and surviving longer will allow you to deal more damage overall than if you just had an attack item and died instantly. instantly.

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