What are the best CSGO skins for every weapon? 7 popular types players should know

The CS:GO weapon are among its best features. While some weapons, like the AK-47, are practically always in use, other weapons, like SMGs and Pistols, are more situational in nature. While skins won’t help you become a better player, they will let you express your unique personal style while playing.

Finding the best CSGO skins for every weapon at the correct price can be quite difficult because there are thousands of CS:GO skins available. To assist you in making a decision, we‘ve chosen the best CSGO skins for every weapon for the most widely used weapons.

The best CSGO skins for every weapon

Best AK-47 skins

1. Neon Rider ($20 – $100)

Neon Rider


The Neon Rider AK, with its brilliant blue, purple, and pink highlights, is the perfect choice if you prefer more vibrant hues.

The Neon Rider Mac-10 may be used in conjunction with this skin, which is the best synthwave skin in CS:GO. The cost of a field-tested neon rider is about $30.

2. Legion of Anubis ($8 – $100)

Legion of Anubis- The best CSGO skins for every weapon

One of the most affordable AK skins is also one of the best-looking. The Legion of Anubis features one of the most ornate and meticulous designs of any skin in the game, with a black and gold color palette.

A Field-Tested skin costs about $10, which is a terrific value for such a gorgeous covert skin.

Best AWP skins

1. Neo Noir ($20 – $80)

AWP Neo Noir

The M4A4, Glock, and USP-S are just a few of the Neo Noir skins available in CS:GO, but the AWP is unquestionably the greatest.

It is one of two AWPs, along with the Asiimov and Desert Hydra, to have a white scope, which many gamers adore. You can buy a field-tested one for roughly $30. This is a fantastic deal for a hidden AWP skin that looks this excellent.

2. Atheris ($2 – $20)

AWP Atheris

The AWP Atheris is a surefire winner. This AWP just looks wonderful for a few dollars for a field-tested version. A twisting neon green snake wrapped around the hilt of the AWP contrasts with the black background.

Anyone looking for an elegant-appearing skin that won’t break the budget should consider it because it is so affordable.

Best M4A1-S skins

1. Player Two ($15 – $100)

M4A1-S Player Two

The Player Two M4A1-S skin is perfect for any fan of anime or comic books. It’s incredibly bright, has a complex design, and will probably keep you from accomplishing the mission because you’ll be too busy admiring the gun.

At under $30 in field-tested, it is quite inexpensive compared to some of the other best CSGO skins for every weaponwith such artistic patterns and performs so well for the M4A1-S.

2. Decimator ($10 – $30)

M4A1-S Decimator 

The A1-S is more commonly used than the A4 when it comes to the meta CT rifle. The Decimator M4A1-S is a great-looking, reasonably priced M4A1-S that you might wish to start with.

This skin is strangely only Classified (pink rarity), not Covert (red rarity), which results in a somewhat reduced price. One of them in field-tested condition is only $12 on the Steam market.

Best M4A4 skins

 1. The Emperor ($7 – $150)

The M4A4 Emperor

This skin has a legendary appearance, is vivid blue, and has the Emperor himself in the center point, much like the AK-47 Legion of Anubis skin.

You can purchase one of these right now in field-tested condition for just $10, but because the price has been constantly declining since it was introduced in 2019, don’t anticipate seeing a significant return on your investment.

2. Royal Paladin ($3 – $80)

The M4A4 Royal Paladin


Even though it isn’t the meta rifle right now, the M4A4 has some fantastic skins, many of which are now “on sale” because the M4A1-S is the best. The Royal Paladin has a beautiful, elaborate gold design for the price.

This skin is now available on the Steam market for as little as $4.

Best USP-S skins

1. Kill Confirmed ($35 – $200)

USP-S Kill Confirmed


One of the priciest pistol skins is the Kill Confirmed USP-S, however there is good reason for this. There isn’t a single USP skin that is this intricately designed and has a headshot rendered in such a gorgeously aesthetic manner.

There are several USPs, but this one unquestionably stands out from the others. You will need to spend about $45 for one that has been used in the field for that, though.

2. Cyrex ($1 – $6)

USP-S Cyrex


When comparing appearance and pricing, the USP-S Cyrex is perhaps one of the best value-for-money skins in all of CSGO. You can purchase a remarkably colorful and detailed CT handgun that also looks fantastic with loads of stickers for as little as $1 and some change.

Best Desert Eagle skins

1. Midnight Storm ($15 – $20)

Desert Eagle Midnight Storm

Even though the lowest rarity skin in the game, Industrial Grade, can cost up to $15, this Desert Eagle is really from a previous collection from 2015.

This blue version, which is perhaps just as attractive as its red brother, Sunset Storm, is only $16 in field-tested. Sunset Storm, however, will set you back up to $200.

 2. Ocean Drive ($10 – $100)

Desert Eagle Ocean Drive

There are a few options if you adore the Desert Eagle and want to spend a little more. The Ocean Drive beats Printstream in terms of price, which is why it was our choice for the more expensive Deagle.

This colorful and striking Deagle, which costs about $16 in field-tested, is the best one you can buy. A field-tested Deagle Printstream costs close to $50 as a point of comparison.

Best Scout (SSG 08) skins

1. Abyss ($0.15 – $4)

Scout (SSG 08) Abyss

You probably don’t want to spend too much money on a Scout because you’ll only buy one when you can’t afford the AWP in-game. So, if you’re searching for a low-cost but gorgeous choice, go no further than the Abyss.

As a pattern-based skin, some of these can have significantly more blue than others, which can raise the cost. However, typically, one of them in field-tested condition costs just $0.30.

2. Dragon Fire ($10 – $30)

Scout (SSG 08) Dragon Fire

The Scout Dragon Fire disproves the myth that the genuinely outstanding sniper skins are always saved for the AWP. The Dragon Fire is an extraordinarily intricate work of art that was especially created for the SSG 08. You can see how to create CSGO weapon skins.

A field-tested one will cost you about $12, which is pricey for a Scout, but we think the art is worthwhile.


That is our choice for the best CSGO skins for every weapon. Although we didn’t cover every weapon in the game, this should still be helpful to you as you begin to build out your arsenal, regardless of whether you want to spend a lot of money or keep it modest.

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