How To Play PUBG Mobile On PC After Ban With Best Guide

How To Play PUBG Mobile On PC After Ban? A division of Tencent Games called Lightspeed and Quantum Studios created the free battle royale game PUBG Mobile. This is a port of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for mobile devices. On March 19, 2018, the game was made available for iOS and Android.

In China and India, it is offered under the names Game for Peace and Battleground Mobile respectively. Several different publishers, including Crafton, Tencent, Level Infinity, VNG Game Publishing, and Hotcool Games, published it in different regions. As one of the highest-grossing mobile games as of December 2021, PUBG Mobile had over 1 billion downloads and earned over $7.2 billion.

Currently, PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite are included in India’s list of banned apps. Along with Life After, 118 apps are banned in India, including the games Knives Out and Rules of Survival. On the Play Store, the games are still accessible, but we’re not sure they’ll be around much longer. As soon as the ban goes into effect, the games will no longer be available on India’s Google Play Store.

This problem has made hardcore gamers question if there are any other options. It was a good thing that ended at this point. After the ban, players can download and install the Korean version of PUBG Mobile to play. Here are the instructions on how to play PUBG mobile on PC after ban.

Why Is PUBG Mobile Ban in India?

How To Play PUBG Mobile On PC After Ban
How To Play PUBG Mobile On PC After Ban

This is a question many people ask when discussing how to play PUBG mobile on PC after ban. India and China are embroiled in a heated debate over the Ladakh border dispute. When the Indian Army clashed with the Chinese Army at that time, almost 20 Indian troops were killed. They may have banned 59 Chinese apps earlier due to this action. Therefore, the cause of the ban this time may be the same.

However, if we look at the government’s point of view, their Cybersecurity regulation is what bans PUBG Mobile. According to Section 69A of the Indian Information Technology Act, the game interferes with the defense, public order and state security as well as the sovereignty and integrity of India.

As a result, a statement banning the PUBG Mobile game in India has been issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Cybercrime Coordination Bureau. It aims to ensure the security and safety of the internet and mobile users in India.

The Department of Electronics and Information Technology also receives complaints regarding the theft, access, and transmission of users’ personal data from a variety of sources. Also, a significant portion of India’s PUBG Mobile players is not secure online.

How Will The Ban Affect PUBG Mobile players?

How To Play PUBG Mobile On PC After Ban
How To Play PUBG Mobile On PC After Ban

In India, there are many people playing PUBG Mobile for fun, killing time and making a living. According to a statement, thousands of players of the PUBG video game make money through internet streaming. Some of them cover their own daily expenses while others provide for their families. So disconnecting from the game can have a profound effect on one’s life.

However, if we look at the bright side, it will also benefit one’s health. Every day, millions of Indians play PUBG Mobile all day long, not just for an hour or two. Long-term gaming can have negative effects, including hallucinations, neck and wrist pain, repetitive stress injuries, and more. So, due to the ban, it can give one’s body a rest and aid in maintaining excellent health.

The number of deaths can be reduced by banning PUBG Mobile. People died playing PUBG last year. Because it is a mobile game, players can play it anywhere including on the balcony, on the street and while walking. Therefore, accidents can happen if the player gets too excited while playing. Therefore, I believe that banning PUBG Mobile is a great method to reduce the incidence of this type.

How To Play PUBG Mobile On PC After Ban

How To Play PUBG Mobile On PC After Ban
How To Play PUBG Mobile On PC After Ban

Due to current tensions with China, the Indian government banned PUBG Mobile over four months ago. More than 118 Chinese-owned apps and games, including PUBG Mobile, have been outlawed by the government. Although a game specifically designed for India is coming soon, the authorities are making it difficult to re-release the game.

Indian gamers still play the famous Battle-Royal game as if the ban had never been imposed, despite the fact that this did not stop them. We have tested the player’s playing method and have had no problems so far. As an open-source platform, running games on your Android smartphone is really simple. You will need a VPN subscription to fully benefit from this strategy to proceed with how to play PUBG mobile on PC after ban.

How To Play PUBG Mobile On PC After Ban

  • Install PUBG Mobile: Simply launch the app if you have already downloaded it.
  • Delete any current VPNs: Before implementing these instructions, make sure to uninstall any additional VPNs from your phones because running two VPNs concurrently can create instability or disconnections.
  • Install “Surf Shark VPN” now: Download Atlas VPN after removing other VPNs; it’s free and simple to use.
  • Launch the VPN and sign in: Simply tap Connect, and it will connect you to the fastest server instantly. Please switch to “Netherlands” as your server if you have excessive ping.
  • Launch your mobile PBUG and have fun! We hope this approach was successful for you. Additionally, if it worked or not for you, kindly let us know.


Although PUBG Mobile is a fantastic game to play, it has become more difficult after the ban. Therefore, if the ban is temporary, you may be able to access your preferred game once more. But if the Indian government intends to uphold its judgment, your only choice is to switch to the original PUBG (Desktop Version).

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