How To Play CSGO With Friends With the Best Guide

A multiplayer first-person shooter game called Counter-Strike is available on multiple platforms, including computers, Xbox, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Originally referring to a single game, Counter-Strike is currently used to describe a group of games, most recently Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The fact that Counter-Strike games are played with friends and other players is something they all have in common. To manage your Counter-Strike social media accounts, you must first download the Steam client for computer gamers. Here is a guide on how to play CSGO with friends, read the article to find out.

How To Play CSGO With Friends

Play CSGO With Friends

Adding New Friends

Step 1: Install Steam on your computer to play CSGO with friends. The creators of Counter-Strike have launched an online entertainment platform called Steam. Steam has social networking, automatic updates and friend management, and more. Create an icon on the desktop for the program when you download it to make it easier to discover.

Step 2: Start Steam. Click the desktop icon twice. The logo is either black and white or dark blue and resembles a wheel attached to a crank shaft, which refers to a larger circle attached to a smaller circle that is connected to another tiny circle by a rod.

Step 3: Register an account or log in. Click Create a New Account to register for an account. Click Create My Account after completing the form and entering your username and password. Simply enter your current username and password to log in if you already have an account.

Step 4: On the top left, click Friends. Make the choice Add a Friend from the drop-down menu. You can also scroll to the bottom of your current friends list while viewing it and choose +Add a Friend.

Step 5: Name the buddy you wish to add by typing their name. You might need to search for friends using their Steam usernames rather than their Counter-Strike names because Steam controls many games.

  • Click Add as Buddy next to the person’s name on the right when you find the friend you’re looking for in the community.
  • At the prompt, choose Next > Finish.

Step 6: In this step on how to play CSGO with friends, wait for your request to be accepted by that friend. The community member will appear under your friends list, but under a different section named Invitations Sent, while the invitation is still pending. Until the community member accepts your request, you won’t be able to tell whether they are online or not.

Inviting Friends to a Private Game

Play CSGO With Friends

Step 1: Get Counter-Strike going. Some Counter-Strike games can be played offline, allowing you to play alone or with a small group of people in privacy. Use your regular username and password to log in. Click Play > Play with Friends after that.

Step 2: Hug your friends in the game. Click on the names of the friends you want to play csgo with friends on the left side of the screen. Please note that to add these community members, you must first befriend them.

Step 3: Decide on a game type. The settings for the game have this option. With the exception of the Classic games, the majority of the games can be played offline.

Step 4: Make the meeting exclusive when you want to play CSGO with friends. Click Change permissions if you only want to play with your chosen people and bots. When you do this, the game’s settings will change to private match.

Step 5: Select Go. Your game will start after that.

Hosting Your Own Server

Play CSGO With Friends

Step 1: Find your IP address A dedi

ated server for Counter-Strike can be set up and hosted and can only be accessed by the friends and family you specify to play csgo with friends. You must give your friends your IP address so they can join you to play on this server.

Your public IP address is what you need, not your local one. Using a website that will reveal your public IP address, such as What’s My IP, is the best option for you to discover how to play csgo with friends.

Step 2: Find the Counter-Strike file location. A file containing all the data Counter-Strike requires to function was likely produced on your computer when you downloaded the game. Open the “hlds” file from the location (if it’s not already there, it may be under downloads) (all lowercase). The Start Dedicated Server module will then be activated.

Step 3: Prepare for the game. Set Counter-Strike as the game under Game. Select a map. Choose Internet for an online game or LAN for an offline game under Network.

Step 4: Get Counter-Strike going. You can then invite your friends and family to participate on this server by adding them from there. Give your IP address to them.Your buddies will need to enter Connect and your IP address into their consoles in order to connect to your server and join. For instance, they would type Connect 12.34.567.89 if your IP address was that number. You may need to turn off your firewall if you or any of your friends are having difficulties connecting.


Above are instructions on the steps for you to play CSGO with friends. Wish you have happy moments with friends and relatives.

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