How To Play CS GO Surfing – Best Way To Become A Marter

How To Play CS Go Surfing: Isn’t Counter-Strike: Global Offensive simply a game about two teams shooting each other with weapons covered in expensive skins? Surprisingly, Counter-Strike Global Offensive has a lot more to offer than just killing the opposing team’s nasty guys outside of professional leagues. Hardcore Counter-Strike fans will be happy to know that Surf Maps actually exists in CS: GO and that surfing in it is pretty straightforward!

The bottom line of Surf Maps is that it’s a specialized “game” where players “surf” around the map at absurd speeds rather than shooting at each other. As a result, Surf Maps becomes more of a navigational and speed challenge than it seems at first. In this article, we will show you how to play cs go surfing so that you can master every game.

What Even Is Surfing?

How To Play CS Go Surfing

Moving mechanics from a modified first-person shooter in Surfing. Surfing disables part of the game’s physics, which will prevent the player from sliding after a certain distance. As a result, Surfing players will move across surfaces significantly faster.

Surf maps are clearly designed to support surfing as the best way for surfing. These maps often have ramps or steep barriers that allow the player to “cross over” or Glide in and gradually increase speed. These activities are the result of this movement:

  • Players have pushed off the ramp while keeping their speed. Therefore, there are really high leaps that are not supported by regular maps.
  • Players can change their direction in the air because they keep the same speed. This allowed them to repeat the process by landing on new ramps.

Because of these basic mechanics, Surfing Maps often include multiple ramps with varying degrees of difficulty. Additionally, some Surf Maps have combat features that try to take advantage of the map’s chaotic surroundings if the player loses interest too much.

How To Play CS Go Surfing?

how to play cs go surfing
How To Play CS Go Surfing

Although CS: GO is the latest implementation of the surfing idea, it borrows a lot of the fundamental ideas from its earlier implementations. Many of the controls and the basic mechanics are included in these. Here is a basic tutorial on how to play cs go surfing maps:

Strafing Is The Key

To work, how to play cs go surfing basically depends on changing the game’s stray mechanics. Fans will recall that the A and D keys are used in the game to stray and go left and right respectively. In the main game, the player can move diagonally by pressing W and the A or D key. A fundamental element of surfing is this movement, combined with string tension. Here is a rich stray technique:

  • Regarding how to play cs go surfing, players have to walk on the first edge they cross and jump when they appear on the surf map. This will lead them directly to the first ramp.
  • They must be in contact with the edge of the ramp. The descent must be accompanied by a sliding motion for the player.
  • The downward motion should be avoided during tensioning. The direction of the ramp determines where to go astray. The D key (move backward to the right) is needed to protect the player from falling down the ramp on the left.
  • Players should swipe their mouse up to help climb the slope as they approach the height. Players will be able to jump off the ramp without grounding.

Turning Is Essential Mid-Air

The majority of the initial ramps on any Surf Map are pretty straightforward to navigate. However, the central parts of any surf map can have ramps that are far apart, which can be confusing for most inexperienced surfers. The point is, by using another Surfing technique called spin, one can travel these “impossible” distances.

In essence, how to play cs go surfing, spinning mid-air allows the player to keep moving while navigating to another ramp. They must learn the proper rhythm to press the elastic key and move the crosshair in that direction to do this. Consider the following:

  • To maintain the momentum it is imperative to press the right Strafe key while the player spins in the same direction.
  • Pressing this combination incorrectly can immobilize the player and slide the ramp.

Bunnyhop Gives A Slight Edge

Bunnyhopping is a word that Counter-Strike Source and CS: GO players who have played the games long enough are likely familiar with. Bunnyhopping, in its simplest form, entails leaping while strafing to gain a modest speed increase that may provide a significant advantage in close combat confrontations.

In Surf Maps and how to play cs go surfing, bunnyhopping turns out to be a lifesaver. Timing a bunnyhop may provide players the right boost for their leaps and help them reach narrower ramps, despite being a sophisticated technique.

Where To Find Surf Maps In CS: GO?

While CS: GO has made surfing a specialized activity, players who know where to go may find getting the Surf Map very simple. Here’s how to use Surf Maps in-game most often:

Community Server Membership

In CS: GO, finding Surfing Servers Surfing Maps is the ideal way to start surfing with others. Fortunately, using Surf Servers is really simple:

  • Select “Play CS: GO” when the game is launched.
  • You should select “Community Server Browser” from the drop-down menu.
  • Type “Surf” in the search field, then choose a server from the list that appears.

Type “Surf” in the search field, then choose a server from the list that appears.

While choosing a host is simple, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a web host. In essence, most manufacturers list Surf Map difficulty directly on the server header, with Tier 1 being the simplest and Tier 5 being the hardest.

Join An Offline Map

Try taking an offline surf map instead if you want to practice your surfing technique. To get the best surfing quality, players may need to make certain manual changes to the game’s physical settings. Players must perform the following steps to access the offline map:

  • Visit the Steam Workshop.
  • Set search parameters to include the “CS: GO” filter.
  • Fill the search bar with “surf”.


CS: GO is a very popular game and the skill of surfing in the game is something that players must master to be able to win this game. Therefore, hopefully, our article on how to play cs go surfing will give you a lot of useful information to help you become a marksman in this famous shooting game.

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