Guide how to get free weapon skins in CSGO: Top 3 legit methods

How to get free weapon skins in CSGO because in CS:GO, weapon skins can be pretty beautiful to look at, but they can frequently be very painful for our wallets. Let’s face it, not everyone has the financial means to shell out hundreds of dollars for weapon skins, and many players also decide against purchasing intangible pixels. For this reason, a sizable fraction of CS:GO players rely on cost-free substitutes to swell their inventory.

You’re mistaken if you believe it’s impossible to build up a respectable CS:GO inventory without investing real money. As the competitive shooter by Valve has grown in popularity, an increasing number of independent websites have appeared online that let gamers obtain CS:GO skins without paying any actual money at all. We‘re going to explore at three legal methods and how to get free weapon skins in CSGO in this article.

How to get free weapon skins in CSGO with 3 legits

Without further ado, let’s look at the techniques you may use right away to obtain cost-free CS:GO skins.

1. How to get free weapon skins in CSGO through Operations

It’s safe to assume that if you aren’t purchasing every CS:GO Operation pass available, you’re losing out on free money. Players may generate a respectable profit quickly and without taking any risks thanks to CS:GO operations. While it’s true that an Operation pass requires a small initial commitment, it’s nothing in comparison to the money you’ll earn by completing the missions that are included with it.

How to get free weapon skins in CSGO through Operations

The ability to choose one’s own Operation drops has altered throughout time, making it easier than ever to earn a lot of money via Operation passes. Previously, players had to rely solely on luck to be able to get profitable Operation drops.

If you’re unfamiliar with how CS:GO Operations function, all you need to do is buy the pass (which is often priced at approximately $15) and finish the weekly missions to get “stars.” These “stars” can then be used to purchase a variety of items, such as cases, graffiti, stickers, and skins, from the Operation store.

Buying cases or skins is the most common way to profit from Operation passes. While skins are more of a gamble where you might potentially lose money if you’re unlucky, cases are a risk-free way to receive your investment back plus a ton of additional profit.

2. How to get free weapon skins in CSGO through paid surveys

One of the easiest and fastest ways how to get free weapon skins in CSGO is probably to do surveys. Most significantly, anyone can complete these in a matter of minutes during their free time. In the CS:GO community, websites like Idle-Empire are well-known for using this technique to give players free skins.

You only need to join up using your Steam account on Idle-Empire or any website of a similar kind if you want to start taking surveys to get free CS:GO skins. As you complete the many surveys that are sent to you, watch your total points rise. Once you have earned enough points to purchase your ideal skin, it’s as simple as taking it off the market.

Steam account on Idle-Empire

Idle-Empire provides gamers with a range of alternative options to obtain free CS:GO skins in addition to surveys. These techniques include watching videos, downloading mobile games, or getting recommendations that will only require a little while of your time.

3. How to get free weapon skins in CSGO through playing the game

If you didn’t know, playing CS:GO alone can make you rather wealthy. If you’ve read our essay on the mechanics of CS:GO drops, you probably already understand what we’re getting at.

Players are rewarded for playing CS:GO through the drop system. While the majority of your in-game drops won’t be worth more than a few bucks, some uncommon drops can fetch hundreds of dollars when sold on the market. For instance, if RNGesus favors you and you receive a Factory New Integrale, you may easily make north of $100 by selling it off right away on the Steam Community Market.

How to get free weapon skins in CSGO through playing the game

Case drops are another dependable strategy for making quick cash. Every time Valve releases a new weapon case, it usually costs $10 on the market for a day before falling dramatically over the next few days. Play CS:GO on the day a new case launches to increase your chances of receiving it as a drop, and if you do, sell CSGO skins as soon as you can to maximize your profit. The money you get can then be used to buy a skin of your choice.

Other guide: How to get free weapon skins in CSGO through gambling websites

They have developed into a fantastic option to obtain some free CS:GO skins due to the prevalence of third-party CS:GO skin gambling websites online. No, you don’t need to lose your money in a casino to earn free skins. However, the most of CS:GO skin betting companies give new customers a sign-up bonus that they may use to wager up to a respectable sum.

CSGOEmpire, CSGO500, or CSGORoll are a few of the well-known CS:GO skin betting websites. Additionally, you can earn different referral bonuses from these websites by by telling other CSGO players about them. You can receive some free CS:GO skins by going to the “Withdraw” page once you’ve gathered enough cash on these websites.

The majority of gambling companies also regularly host giveaways on their social media pages, which any player can enter for a chance to win priceless skins.

The bottom line

These were some of the most effective legal ways how to get free weapon skins in CSGO. Remember that gamers must be patient and give time in order to obtain free CS:GO skins. Furthermore, don’t anticipate using these techniques to get enough Dragon Lores to fill your inventory any time soon. But if you invest enough time in these techniques, you may quickly amass a good CS:GO collection that you can flaunt in front of your buddies.

Additionally, keep in mind to confirm the legitimacy of any third-party websites you use to obtain free CS:GO skins. Scammers frequently create bogus websites to entice unwary CS:GO players and steal their login information. You should be absolutely OK if you stick to the websites we specified in this article. There are many other legitimate websites that provide free CS:GO skins to users, but you must confirm their legitimacy before using them.

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