CS GO 2023 Tournaments: The Great Arena All The Time

The CS GO 2023 tournaments schedule has been released. We will announce the specifics of events and tournament details in Asia Pacific and South America later this year. Several key match dates for Europe and North America have been revealed.

The ESL Pro Tour, which connects all ESL tournaments, is one of the largest CS GO 2023 tournaments with three levels of play worldwide. set a route for teams to compete, progress through the EPT system, and achieve their ultimate goal: win a spot in the league for the EPT Championship.

CS GO 2023 Tournaments Schedule

cs go 2023 tournaments

One of the largest CS GO 2023 tournaments organizers in the world, BLAST, has announced the first Major to ever take place in France – the BLAST Paris Major 2023 – making its own debut in organizing one of the most watched and famous esports events in the world.

In keeping with his pre-election campaign promises from earlier this year about hosting some of the biggest esports events like CS: GO Majors, League of Legends World Championships, and Dota 2’s The International, the French president himself, Emmanuel Macron, announced the Paris Major scheduled to take place in May 2023.

Here are all the specifics of the upcoming BLAST Paris Major 2023 that BLAST has disclosed and confirmed.


cs go 2023 tournaments


Following the IEM Rio Major 2022, which is slated to take place later this year from October 31 to November 13, the CS: GO Major will return to Europe once more in 2023.

Such competition has never been organized in France, and the country’s capital Paris has been chosen to host it.

The Playoffs or Champions Stage of the CS: GO Major will be held at the Accor Arena, an indoor sports arena and concert venue with a seating capacity ranging from 7,000 to 20,300 after the first two stages of the tournament were played on LAN behind closed doors.

ESL PRO CS GO 2023 Tournaments

cs go 2023 tournaments

The top Counter-Strike teams in the world will compete with up-and-coming teams in the more than 40 CS GO 2023 tournaments that the EPT will host. The year will begin with one of the most prominent events on the circuit, the EPT Championships. The total prize pool for each of these two competitions will be $1 million.

The EPT Masters competitions are the EPT’s next level. In 2023, the ESL FACEIT Group intends to host five events for this tier. The EPT Challengers competitions make up the top tier. This one is made to provide developing teams with local and national possibilities so they can eventually move to the EPT Masters level.

The ESL Pro Tour Championships

It is decided at the ESL Pro Tour Championships what legends and dreams will be. The EPT Championships, which are contested twice a year and have a $1,000,000 total prize pool and an Intel® Grand Slam contribution, are the highest level of CS: GO competition.

The Polish city of Katowice will host IEM 2023 from January 31 to February 12 at the Spodek Arena. IEM In 2023, Cologne, Germany’s LANXESS arena will host events from July 25 to August 6.

The CS GO 2023 tournaments schedule was revealed earlier this year, and tickets are now on sale. To participate in the most prominent events the ESL Pro Tour has to offer, visit the dedicated websites.

ESL Pro Tour Masters CS GO 2023 Tournaments

The most talented CS: GO teams compete in ESL Pro Tour Masters competitions. Here, elite teams battle to earn a spot in the EPT Championships. The ultimate objective is to gain entry into either IEM Katowice or IEM Cologne, two of the Intel® Extreme Masters Championships.

  • Malta’s ESL Pro League Season 17 runs from February 21 to April 2.
  • IEM April 17–23, 2023, at an undisclosed location
  • IEM Dallas, Texas, USA, May 29 – June 4, 2023
  • Malta’s ESL Pro League Season 18 runs from August 15 to September 24.
  • October 16–22, 2023, IEM Fall 2023, to be revealed location

ESL Pro Tour Challenger

ESL Pro Tour Challenger is a platform for aspirational and committed teams from all around the world to establish themselves and earn a spot in an EPT Masters competition. Successful teams at each event have the chance to move on to the Conference Stage of the upcoming ESL Pro League season through the ESL Pro Tour system.

  • 52nd ESL Challenge: April 28–30
  • ESL Challenger Hannover is scheduled for June 9–11 in Hannover, Germany.
  • Sweden’s November 24–26 will host the ESL Challenger Jönköping; the city will be announced.
  • Atlanta, Georgia, United States, December 15–17; ESL Challenger Atlanta


  • Season 44 of the ESL Challenger League:  Online from January 17 until March 26
  • Season 45 of the ESL Challenger League: Online, April 4 – May 28
  • Season 46 of the ESL Challenger League: Online from June 11 through September 17
  • Season 47 of the ESL Challenger League: Online from October 3 to December 10

April to June of ESL National Championship Season 1 in 2023. Australia/New Zealand, Benelux, France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United Kingdom offer both online and in-person services.

October through December of ESL National Championship Season 2 in 2023. Australia/New Zealand, Benelux, France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United Kingdom offer both online and in-person services.


The BLAST Paris Major 2023 will be special as it marks a decade of CS: GO Majors being conducted, with the organizers promising fans that it will be delivering the best viewing experience and other innovative features.

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