5 Methods On How to Get Free Skins in PUBG Mobile 

How to get free skins in PUBG mobile? The well-known battle royale games Fortnite and PUBG are must-know titles if you enjoy playing shooters on your smartphone. These games currently reign supreme in their genre. By frequently releasing new updates, which offer engaging novelties to the game in the form of new objectives and upgrades, the developers create an addiction among gamers.

In Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, players can customize their weapons with a wide variety of skins or cosmetic unlockables. Using these free skins, you may even customize other goods to give them a little more flair on the battlefield.

Not all skins changes in the game necessitate spending money, despite the fact that many do. The players are constantly searching for methods to obtain free outfits or gun skins. In this post, we examine all the methods how to get free skins in PUBG mobile to its users.

How to Get Free Skins in PUBG Mobile 

Method 1: Obtain free UC and spend it on skins

Without cash, it is impossible to purchase UC. But what if we told you that there was a simple way to get money that you could use to purchase UC?

How to Get Free Skins in PUBG mobile 

The Play Store is now a thriving marketplace for Android apps that make money. Few, though, are as effective as Google Opinion Rewards, an app that pays users money for completing particular polls. The software was released in 2017 and was created by Google itself. Although you won’t be able to support yourself, it’s a highly safe alternative. This implies that you could ultimately purchase UC via this app!

Once you’ve completed it, you may purchase the Elite Pass or Royal Pass and use method 2 on how to get free skins in PUBG mobile.

Method 2: Purchase a pass

Purchase a pass

You may speed up the process of receiving the free weapon skins for PUBG and PUBG Mobile by purchasing an Elite Pass or Royal Pass. Seasonal missions award rewards, one of which is UC. Naturally, purchasing a pass is an expense, but if you are successful in doing so, you will receive many free gun skins for PUBG Mobile on PC. With the tasks, you can even produce enough UC to purchase the following pass.

Try to get a pass as a gift from a buddy. Passes can be purchased for other players.

Method 3: Crate opening and achievement completion

Many beautiful clothes and weapon skins are released by PUBG Mobile as rewards in crates. Crates come in three varieties: Premium, Classic, and Supply crates. Players have a possibility of winning a permanent outfit or unique weapon skins here. In order to obtain mythic or legendary outfits for your virtual character, try to open many of these boxes.

Crate opening and achievement completion

It may take a long time to use this strategy. The daily achievement tasks in the game must be completed, but doing so will only reward you with free PUBG gun skins. You can obtain random gun skins by completing the aforementioned accomplishments and challenges. Opening crates and collecting worthwhile gifts from them will put your luck to the test, but it’s still a free way. Additionally, by doing this, you can obtain free skin codes or skin bags for PUBG.

Events: Players can earn rewards from numerous daily events and transient events. You can receive temporary or permanent attire as well as cool weapons finishes as a reward. To obtain these rewards and use free skins for themselves, gamers must accomplish the necessary quests.

Keep in mind to always pay attention to the achievements part of the game if you want to give it a shot.

Method 4: Using Redeem Codes

Using Redeem Codes

Another important approach to receive some free outfits and skins is using redeem codes. A player can redeem tickets and receive the item immediately into their account by going to the official PUBG Mobile Redeem website.

The main drawback is that the majority of them have a usage cap or are limited-time tickets. In order to use these codes as soon as possible, players must be on the lookout for them.

Method 5: PUBG Mobile Hacks & Free UC Generator Tools

Due to the increasing popularity of UC Generators and PUBG skin hacks, we feel compelled to inform and warn future victims of this scam. We refer to this as a scheme because not a single generator is functional.

In order to send the skin to your account, most PUBG free skin generators will require your username and your smartphone (if they’re designed for free UC on PUBG Mobile). The application will ask you to submit a survey before it ends. The catch is that the survey is unnecessary at all and is actually a scam in which you are forced to part with your money and time. We examined every generator, but none of them produced any skins for the accounts we utilized.

PUBG Mobile Hacks & Free UC Generator Tools

Instead of trying harder but more traditional methods, many novices fall for the trap and attempt to employ tools like these. Be smarter than them; don’t be like them. There isn’t a scheme or an application that will give you free PUBG skins right now. Don’t attempt to obtain what you desire by using a PUBG mobile hack.


You shouldn’t throw away the knowledge you now have about how to get free skins in PUBG mobile! Please feel free to experiment with any of the aforementioned techniques and share your results in the comment area.

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