5 methods on how to get free BC in PUBG Mobile Lite legally

In PUBG Mobile Lite 2022, the primary in-game currency is known as Battle Coins, or BC. There are many players who want BC for free in PUBG Mobile Lite, one of the most popular Battle Royale games.  See methods on how to get free BC in PUBG Mobile Lite at Yeuesports?


Battle Coins, or BC in PUBG Mobile Lite, are in-game money that players can use to buy various stuff like skins, weapons, and more. While obtaining BC through standard gameplay is achievable, many gamers might look for free sources of it.

It is crucial to remember that using hacks or cheats to obtain Battle Coins (BC) without using the proper methods of acquisition may result in account cancellation.

The fact that there are legal ways how to get free BC in PUBG Mobile Lite without using illegal means should prevent this from being perceived as a deterrent.

How to get free BC in PUBG Mobile Lite

Method 1: Google Opinion Rewards

Utilizing the Google Opinion Rewards app is one way how to get free BC in PUBG Mobile Lite without using illegal methods.

Through the completion of surveys that are provided to users randomly within the app, this platform gives users the chance to earn real-world money. After completing these surveys, the earned money is sent into the user’s linked Google account. The availability of this approach as of 2022 should be acknowledged.

How to get free BC in PUBG Mobile Lite

How to use Google Opinion Reward to earn free BC

  • Go to website Google “Google Opinion Reward” to get started.
  • Sign in to Gmail and download the app.
  • The app includes a lot of actual surveys. Credit points are earned by completing questionnaires.
  • Once you’ve earned enough points, you can exchange them for $10 and $25 Google Play gift cards. You may quickly get free PUBG Mobile Lite BC using these gift cards.

Method 2: Participating in customs

Participating in customs to get free BC

Players may also earn Battle Coins (BC) by taking part in tournaments or custom rooms that award BC or real-world money as rewards in addition to gifts.

On many other platforms, including YouTube and Discord channels, you can find these bespoke rooms. Players can earn BC or real money through gaming by taking part in these competitions and custom rooms, offering another legal way to get BC in PUBG Mobile Lite.

Players should read and comprehend any rules and restrictions that may be there before entering these rooms and competitions.

Method 3: Redeem Codes/Google play gift cards

Redeem Codes/Google play gift cards

Using redemption codes or Google Play gift cards is another way how to get free BC in PUBG Mobile Lite. The official game handles are where you may find these codes.

Players can redeem a code and claim the associated reward by going to the official game’s website after obtaining it.

Additionally, some platforms might provide gift cards that can be redeemed for actual money as rewards for followers or subscribers. It is advised that players sign up for these platforms in order to maybe obtain gift cards.

Method 4: PUBG Mobile Lite BC Free advertisements

Own free bonus option is available in PUBG Mobile Lite. In PUBG Mobile Lite, we can watch advertisements, and all of them will give us BC for nothing. Only a certain number of times per day may you view these advertisements. You can get some more BC for free by watching these videos every day.

How to view PUBG Mobile Lite advertisements

  • Launch the PUBG Mobile Lite application.
  • Access section BC.
  • You’ll notice a sizable window. Clicking the clock and win.
  • Therefore, after watching the 30-second-long advertisements, go to the section of free incentives and select “Collect All.” Your account will receive a free 5–10 BC boost in order to display these adverts in PUBG Mobile Lite.

Method 5: PUBG Mobile BC Free With App And Website

With the CashN Gift app

With the help of the Android software CashNGift, you may earn gift cards for doing certain tasks. There are many different kinds of gift cards in this app, but all we need to earn free BC in PUBG Mobile Lite is a Google Play gift card.

How to Use the CashNGift App to Get Free BC

  • Visit the Google Play Store to search for CashNGift.
  • On your smartphone, download and install the application.
  • You can begin once you create an account.
  • You may find a ton of straightforward jobs and quizzes by simply exploring the program. By completing this assignment, you will receive points that can later be redeemed for cost-free BC Google Play gift cards.

Winzo gold app

A really official Android app that will pay you actual money is called Windo Gold. The one drawback of this software is that you are not required to do surveys. You must play to finish the quest. Yes, if you play easy games and finish your work on time, you will soon start to see real money.

The best way to earn free BC with Winzo Gold.

The best way to earn free BC with Winzo Gold.

  • Search for WinZo Gold on Play Store, then download it.
  • Add your Paytm to a new account that you register.
  • To gain credit points, start playing right away.

Your credit points can be exchanged for cash and added to your Paytm wallet. Once you have Paytm money, you may use it to get UC for free in PUBG Mobile Lite. In my opinion, this is the greatest way to receive a free copy of PUBG Mobile Lite BC.

oonoo website

The oonoo website is for computer users. Users of mobile phones are limited to using them as computers. The jobs offered on this website include completing surveys, downloading programs, and presenting adverts. These surveys are quite simple to finish. Users can earn credit points toward free Google Play gift cards by completing surveys.

oonoo website


How to Earn Gift Cards for the oonoo website

  • Visit the Oonoo website to create a free account.
  • To get points, complete assignments and surveys.
  • Spend $10 to $50 when using your Google Play gift card.
  • You may receive a lot of free BC coins in PUBG Mobile Lite with these numerous gift cards. Simply spend some time browsing the Capture Points website will do. If you wish to receive a free BC Mobile, wait patiently and take action.


In PUBG Mobile Lite, these are some of the most practical methods how to get free BC in PUBG Mobile Lite. These strategies make it simple to obtain free battle coins for PubG and legendary skins and clothing.

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