2 ways of instructions how to change avatar on PUBG mobile completely

PUBG Mobile offers users many ways to make their profile look more impressive and eye-catching. The following article Yeuesports will guide you how to change avatar on PUBG mobile with just a few simple steps.

How to change avatar on PUBG mobile

Profile photo, profile picture frame, title and name tag are some of the key elements to make your profile more beautiful, impressive and attractive, but not everyone knows how to change avatar on PUBG Mobile Immediately after creating an account, log in to the game.

Logging into the game is the first step to changing your PUBG Mobile avatar. Then click on your avatar in the top-right corner of the screen to input your profile into the game. Then select the edit option by clicking the Edit button in the profile screen’s upper right corner. When the profile view loads, you can modify.

How to change avatar on PUBG mobile

To change your avatar in this game, go to the avatar page, choose the new avatar you want to use, and then confirm its use. Your profile will now show the new avatar in place of the previous one. You can choose to use your social media avatar or another unlocked in-game. In addition to the default avatars, PUBG Mobile offers you a wide variety.

How to change avatar on PUBG mobile

Sharpshooter, Death Racer, and Anniversary are just a few of the stunning and impressive avatars in the PUBG Mobile game. Many individuals purchase them from the store, but certain people can also acquire them through quests. The Royale Pass avatars and season-specific avatars in this game are also incredibly cool and remarkable. Only those who buy an Elite Pass and earn enough RP points can obtain this avatar.

Royale Pass Season 14 Avatar

If you want to use an avatar that does not exist in the list of available avatars in the PUBG Mobile game, you must change the avatar of the Facebook social network account used to log in to the game. This requires you to link your Facebook account to PUBG Mobile and then use them to log into the game.

Don’t miss the discussion below about how to change avatar on PUBG mobile on social media!

How to change avatar on PUBG mobile on social media

Depending on the social media account used to log into the PUBG game, players can modify their profile picture. To find out which social media is the one that allows users to log in, players can check the Settings menu. Google Play, Facebook, and Twitter are available alternatives. Consequently, here’s how users log into PUBG using Facebook:

How to change avatar on PUBG mobile on social media

  1. Go to Facebook website
  2. Enter the Facebook account associated with your PUBG account.
  3. You need update your desired avatar.
  4. Finished, PUBG avatar will also be replaced.

The social media photo and the PUBG photo will match because players log in using their social media accounts. Players must first update their social media profile pictures.

Vicigers might use other social media platforms in addition to Facebook to engage with PUBG. The procedures for altering the profile photo on Twitter are the same as those for Facebook if Vicigers uses it as a social media platform linked to PUBG.

Vici gamers get access to PUBG through their Google Play accounts in addition to Facebook and Twitter. The instructions are the same for Google Play accounts as well. Gamers must update their Google Play profile picture so that it corresponds to the new image in the game.

That is how you may modify your PUBG profile photo, both in game and on social media. Let’s look at the comments below for suggestions for PUBG profile pictures!

PUBG Avatar Suggestions

Player avatar pictures must abide with the established guidelines. Sara-related components and forbidden items are not permitted. For unsuitable profile images, players may also be warned or banned.

As a result, modify the profile photo according to the guidelines. Of course, employing an avatar from PUBG in this manner is the safest option. Players must use caution if they utilize social media to modify their profile photographs.

Due to the fact that the image is one from social media, players must conform it to PUBG rules. Pick a hip avatar picture that doesn’t feature any racist or otherwise prohibited aspects.

Complete the Player Card on the Profile Menu

Player cards are another tool you may use to improve your profile besides avatar images. Players can display their individuality by selecting titles and signatures. Additionally, the Looking For tool can be used to locate friends.

Additionally, players can disclose their responsibilities, the time they log on, and the server where they typically play PUBG. This function, which can be found in the profile menu, is quite helpful for players looking to make new acquaintances.

The bottom line

This is the discussion about PUBG profiles and how to change avatar on PUBG mobile. We hope this article is helpful for you. Good luck!

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